WHAT are our strengths?

At Underwater Photonics, we rely on the talent of our team of engineers and scientists to provide with expert solutions.
We pride ourselves in the richness and the diversity of the skills set of our staff, their drive and thir exceptional problem-solving focus. 

Our Mission

To be the overall best providers of optical technology and integration for the marine and submarine environments.

Our Goal

We work together with your development team and provide custom marine systems design, product integration and support. Our submarine optical products are designed with survivability and reliability in mind. Our capabilities are simply unmatched.


  • 25 years in marine-environment deployment

  • Your critical timeframes are our priority

  • Highest product quality assurance

  • Instant technical support 24/7

  • Robustness in aggressive enviroments


Our talented engineers and scientists have the perfect blend of technical knowledge and creativity that your project needs.
Let us work for you. 


Chief Executive Officer.

Julia Sharko

Vicepresident of Sales.

Carlos Lopez-Mariscal

Chief Scientific Officer.

Anastasia Kotlyar

Lead Marine Scientist.